As the Master Christ hid His divinity, clothing it in humanity, and, unseen by us, brought into being His ineffable glory, likewise didst thou hide thy glory by means of foolishness, and by the wonder of thy confession wast shown forth as a shepherd of souls; O venerable Father Gabriel, entreat Christ God to have mercy on our souls.

(Tone 4)
Immeasurable is the mercy of God, * by Whose goodness we behold His creation divinized * O venerable father, thou didst confirm in thyself the image of thy Creator * and exalted thy being to the likeness of God, * therefore we glorify thee O Father Gabriel, * for thou art worthy of all praise, * thou wast on earth a trumpet of righteousness, a preacher of love and dove of purity,* and thine all-wondrous humility * hast opened to the world a treasury of wisdom, * and now in heaven art thou, the advocate of God’s mercy and our salvation.

(Tone 4)
We bless thee, O venerable father Gabriel, and we honor thy holy memory, thou instructor of monks and converser with angels.

Saint Gabriel’s Interpretation of the 50th Psalm
and the Parable of the Ten Virgins

Writing this story was not easy for me, as it was a long, difficult and complex process that took about four years of inner struggle, as I desired to express these things in such a way so as not to bore readers. And finally, I became determined to publish Father Gabriel’s wondrous discourse. May Father Gabriel and readers forgive me if I have failed to express something correctly and understandably. Glory to God. Amen! (Read more...)

Archimandrite Kyrion (Oniani)

The museum of Samtavro Convent

A new museum of Samtavro Convent and newly canonized Saint Gabriel the Confessor was opened in the monastery. The museum contains different unique exhibits from the archeological excavations, various relics and historical photographs. The museum is open every day, from 10:00 to 19:00.

    On February 22, 2014 the Holy relics of Saint Gabriel were translated with great solemnity to the Transfiguration church according to the decision of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church. (Read more...)

St. Gabriel, Confessor and Fool for Christ

Wonderworking myrrh-streaming icon of Saint Gabriel in Ukraine

     Wonderworking myrrh-streaming icon of Saint Gabriel is transfered to Kiev, Ukraine.
(April, 2016)

The holy relics of Saint Gabriel are placed in the new tomb

On November 29, 2015 the Divine Liturgy was served by the Catholicos-patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II at the Transfiguration Church of Samtavro Monastery in the city of Mtskheta, Georgia. The holy relics of Saint Gabriel were solemnly transferred and placed in the new tomb in the same church.


November 2 - the feast day of Saint Gabriel

On November 2, the Georgian Orthodox Church celebrated the feast day of Saint Gabriel Confessor and Fool for Christ. The Divine Liturgy was served by Archbishop Gregory at the Transfiguration Church of Samtavro Monastery in the city of Mtskheta, Georgia. A new icon of Saint Gabriel was written specialty for this day. Parishioners led by Archbishop Gregory visited the family house of the saint in Tbilisi. Ceremony continued to the newly named Saint Gabriel square in Isani district. A new church named after Saint Gabriel will be erected nearby by the decision of the city government together with the Georgian Orthodox Church. The event was attended by MP Zurab Neparidze, governor of Navtlugi-Isani district Vakhtang Kizikurashvili and Tbilisi city Mayor David Narmania. See more...

An image of Saint Gabriel has miraculously appeared in Samtavro Monastery of St. Nino, Mtskheta, Georgia.

The saint’s image has appeared on the concrete floor where his holy relics rested for several months after they had been uncovered in 2014. The construction of the new tomb at the same place will be completed until November 2 the feast day of saint Gabriel.

His Holiness Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II visited the monastery on October 22 and declared the appearance of an image as a miracle.

A new myrrh streaming icon of Saint Gabriel in Tbilisi, Georgia

Thursday, July 23, 2015

An icon of Saint Gabriel started myrrh streaming abundantly in a small church shop near Samgori Metro station in the Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The myrrh has a strong fragrance of flowers!


According to the owner of the shop Mrs. Nargiza Khantadze the icon of Saint Gabriel was given to her as a gift by a fellow woman in January, 2015. Since that time the icon began myrrh steaming abundantly. At first Mrs. Nargiza and her family members thought it was just some oil drops accidentally poured on the icon. A nun Irina who was in the shop at that time advised Mrs. Nargiza that it was not an oil but a miraculous myrrh which was dripping from the icon.

Since February the icon started myrrh streaming more and more abundantly. Many people from several countries visit the shop to pray before a miraculous icon and get the myrrh. Mrs. Nargiza has a blessing from the Georgian Orthodox Church to apply the myrrh on the forehead of the believers who come to the shop to pray before the icon of Saint Gabriel.

According to the witnesses several miraculous healing are reported to this day.

The first miracle happened in the family of Mrs. Nargiza. Her pregnant daughter Mrs. Phati have been suffering from thyroid disease. Doctors prescribed her drugs but when she applied the myrrh on her forehead she was miraculously healed from a disease. The clinical examination proved the healing. Doctors were greatly amazed!

4 women were cured and got pregnant after they visited the shop and prayed before the wonderworking icon of Saint Gabriel and applied the myrrh. All of them were unable to get pregnant for many years. They are very happy now and are doing well.

Mrs. Ketevani was diagnosed with brain tumor. Her health condition was grave. She started to pray and apply the myrrh every day during one month and she was miraculously healed form the illness.

A colonel after an unsuccessful suicide attempt got totally paralyzed. There were no signs of his health improvements for the last 5 years. His family members made the sign of the cross with the myrrh on the forehead. Now he’s able to move his arm and leg. Thanks to God his health condition is improving gradually!

A young man who worked as a low enforcer got mentally ill after an accident. He lost his speech, became aggressive, throwing everything around him. He also developed a behavioral disorder and often run away senselessly. His family members brought him to Mrs. Nargiza who regularly applies the myrrh on his forehead. He got calm now and his health condition is definitely improving gradually!

A blind man visits the shop and prays before the wonderworking icon of Saint Gabriel quite often. He sings in Tbilisi metro stations to get little donations from people to support his family. He’s health condition improved slightly in recent months and he’s greatly amazed by this miracle.

Myrrh Abundantly Dripping from an Icon of
Saint Gabriel in Georgia

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Translated by John Sanidopoulos

In the home of a family in the country of Georgia, an icon of the recently canonized Saint Gabriel has been dripping myrrh since July. It is a family with two children, and they are all described as very good people.
The woman of the house in which the icon can be found explains: "This is the icon I bought at Easter. I placed in a spot it deserves - in the sacred corner. About three months ago, it began to drip myrrh. I wiped the icon and noticed that the fabric was damp. A very large flow started. There was myrrh across the surface of the icon. After a week, I noticed a crack in the glass. In the morning, at 4:00AM dawn, I heard a creaking sound. You can see how the myrrh is dripping."
Recently, the family showed the icon to Patriarch Ilia II, who was very happy. "We spoke with the Patriarch," the woman said, "and he blessed us. He said it was a great miracle. We are very curious what the cracked glass means. The Patriarch said that it is obvious a great test awaits us."

Myrrh is collected in a vessel, because the flow is abundant. Clergy come to take it to bless their parishioners, according to the television station of the Patriarchate of Georgia.

From December 20 all icons of Saint Gabriel in the house started myrrh-streaming!

Several miracles have been reported since the icon of Saint Gabriel started myrrh-streaming. The myrrh has a strong fragrance of rose and flowers.

The first miraculous healing happened in the family of Arsenadze, who owns the icon since they bought it in the Tbilisi Trinity Cathedral during Easter in 2014. Their little daughter was diagnosed with cancer but medical treatments had no positive results. When the icon began myrrh-streaming Mrs. Maka decided to apply the myrrh to her daughter and miraculously little Nino was healed and fully recovered from the cancer!

The myrrh was applied on the forehead to 5 years old speechless boy who suddenly started speaking plainly. This miracle amazed the family members and people around him.

Mrs. Lela Ebanoidze suffered from acute erysipelas on her leg. The wound was too painful and it was bleeding during the walk. The doctors strongly advised her total bedrest. Mrs. Lela miraculously was healed after she applied the myrrh on her leg.

13 years old Irina Maisuradze is diagnosed with bradycardia and complete AV block from birth. Her heart rate during sleep is 22 beats per minute. When she and her mother got news about myrrh-streaming icon of Saint Gabriel they decided to visit Arsenidze family on December 18, 2014 and pray before the wonderworking icon. When Irina applied the myrrh, suddenly the bloody cross appeared on her forehead. It was impossible to wipe the cross until it disappeared next day. On December 19 her tiny reliquary bag with the soil from the grave of Saint Gabriel started bleeding and myrrh-streaming abundantly. Irina’s mother Mrs. Lika had vision of Saint Gabriel earlier who promised to heal her daughter. Since that time she refused scheduled surgery in the hospital, made tiny reliquary bag, embroidered cross and put soil from the grave of Saint Gabriel. Irina wears this tiny bag near her heart every day with faith that God will cure her as Saint Gabriel promised to her mother. Since this miracle Irina’s heartbeat increased by 10 bpm and currently is about 32 bpm. Her health condition is gradually improving. The soil stopped bleeding after few days and now is only myrrh-streaming. It’s worth to mention that 3 little icons of Saint Gabriel also started bleeding and myrrh-streaming in her family house.

    On December 20  2012  Archimandrite Gabriel was canonized as a ST. GABRIEL, CONFESSOR AND FOOL FOR CHRIST by the Georgian Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Feast day on November 2. :: Resolution of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church.